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Developing World: Anaesthesia, Intensive Care & Trauma Course

A 1-Day Course Sharing knowledge & expertise from Cardiff University's Phoenix MoU partnerships with UNAM & UNZA, from Namibia & Zambia

Course Price

£80 Webinar

Course length


Course Date

Challenges of working outside your comfort zone. What will you encounter? How will you manage?

Topics Include
* Running a District Hospital in Zambia
* Update on Infectious Diseases
* Challenge of Multilingualism
* Problem solving in anaesthesia and a basic drug kit
* Oxygen Concentrators and other challenging equipment
* Intensive care in sub-Saharan Africa
* Paediatric Anaesthesia in Liberia and Zambia
* Facts and Figures, the realities of obstetrics in Zambia
* Trauma in Namibia

Course Lead

Professor Judith Hall

List of speakers

Professor Judith Hall MBE
Professor Brian Jenkins
Dr Sunil Dasari
Dr Monica Chawathe
Dr Andrew Freedman
Professor Loredana Polezzi
Dr Chris Terblanche
Dr Mulaya Mubambe
Dr Matthew Carwardine

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