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Ultrasound Guided Nerve blocks for Beginners

A 1-Day Course Suitable for CT & ST3 Trainees or as a revision course for any other anaesthetist.

Course Price

Course length


1 Day

Course Date

Physics for Ultrasound, teaching techniques for ultrasound scanning and the following blocks:

# Fascia iliac block# analgesia for #NOF
# Supraclavicular Brachial plexus block # analgesia for hand and shoulder surgery
# Popliteal block # analgesia for ankle and lower leg
# TAP block # analgesia for C Sections and lower Abdominal surgeries
# Rectus sheath block # analgesia for abdominal surgeries
# Erector spinae block # analgesia for rib fractures

Course Lead

Dr Sunil Dasari

List of speakers

Course Location

Anaesthetic Seminar Room, B3, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

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