Clinical Innovation Wales - Previous Events

Would you like help in progressing innovative ideas for patients?

The Bill Mapleson Centre has held 5 Clinical Innovation events where more than Fifty people interested in making a difference for patients in Wales came together, sharing clinical ideas.

Clinicians were helped by designers, industry, business, researchers, academics and specialists in innovation from Welsh Government and the NHS. 

We have discussed

  1. clinical innovation in the Military

  2. clinical innovation in the developing world and remote locations

  3. clinical innovation equipment, consultancy

  4. clinical innovation products

Quote from previous attendee  “It’s such a rare thing to have such a mix of people in one room, with sixth form students talking to lawyers and local business holders talking to senior clinicians.  What inspired me most was that even with such a diverse group, there was a real feeling of inclusiveness and a real sense that things will be achieved within this growing team.”

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